Safe Regeneration

At Liberty Carbon, cross-contamination of your reactivated carbon is
never a potential problem.  We provide a system where you always
receive back your own carbon after reactivation.  The plant cannot
and will not receive hazardous waste or the residue from the
treatment of hazardous wastes.  The plant also will not accept
granular carbon with significant amounts of high density foreign
matter or inerts.
Excessive fines from the customer must be separately negotiated
and tested.  We also provide separate, dedicated processes and
segregated holding tanks for food grade carbon reactivation.  
Liberty Carbon prides itself on being ecologically responsible.  The
scrubbed-off gases are discharged under a Missouri Department
of Natural Resources air permit.  Scrubber and cooling waters are
discharged to the City of Excelsior Springs, under a POTW
High Efficient Savings

Our reactivation is accomplished by an adaptation of the highly
efficient, high temperature fluid-bed furnace technology.  This
technology has proven to have the lowest overall losses of any of
the high temperature reactivation processes and consistently
yields high quality granular carbon.  Our customers have realized
annual carbon losses of significantly less than 10% for the
combined adsorption and  reactivation steps.  This means you'll
save on reduced carbon make-up costs.  Our system is a
proprietary development and allows close control of the important
variables affecting reactivation quality.  The process is protected
under US Patent No. 212,610.
Our reactivation Agreements are always competitively priced based
on the factors of transportation, organic loading, fines and foreign
matter content of the spent carbon, and the reactivated quality
meets the needs of our customers.
Flexible and Convenient

Our goal is to form long-term partnerships with our toll customers
as if we were their own in-house reactivation facility.  Larger toll
customers have dedicated storage capacity available at our facility
to satisfy logical inventory requirements.  Reserve reactivation
capacity is maintained to insure that your needs are always met.  
Our convenient location near Kansas City allows us to schedule
your pick-ups and deliveries in a timely manner using our
contracted drivers and company-owned trailers.  We typically offer
second-day local delivery.  Normal shipping capacity is a 20,000
pounds net dry load in a water wet state.  We can also make
special arrangements for pick-up and delivery in super sacks or